Bellnok IP-PBX is a complete telephony system with all PBX functionalities. The VOIP solution is managed by an Asterisk based system that provides telephone calls over a data network.

Both calls and data are handled on single network. The traditional enterprise phone system can be replaced with this IP-PBX or this can be integrated with the existing phone system to work together. The solution allows to connect the internal extension users to an external network like PSTN with TDM or VOIP telephony networks. The system is interoperable with most of the third party gateways, telephony equipment and phones.

How it works

  • Simple yet powerful user interface: The web UI allows users to provision services for their own requirement like creating extensions, granting permissions to individual extensions or a group of extensions.
  • Cost effective: The system reduces the investment cost, space requirements and effort to manage the system.
  • Interoperable: The system can be integrated with existing software systems of enterprises like hospitals or hotels for the services like automated reservation system, wake up call, metered billing.
  • Reports: The simple web interface allows to generate different customized reports on calls with onscreen play back option.
  • Interactive Voice Response: The IVR helps the customers to get the best service by reaching right person easily and quickly. It enables automatic call answering and provides necessary information to the customers without a manual interaction.
  • Call Features: The solution provides many essential call features like Call record, Call conference, ANI Routing, Blind Transfer, Call Forward, Call Monitoring, Call Parking, Call Pickup, Call Queuing, Call Return, Call Screening, DID Numbers, DIS Access, Do Not Disturb, Emergency Service Numbers, Find me-Follow me, Hot Dial, Inbound Call Description, Interactive Directory Listing, Privacy Manager, Ring Group, Voicemail etc.